Sainsbury, Elizabeth

Sainsbury, Elizabeth     1919 June 26th

Widow’s Sudden Death

The City Coroner (Mr A M Wilson) held an inquest at the Council House on Monday evening into the facts surrounding the death of Mrs Elizabeth Sainsbury, a widow of 74 years of age, who lived alone at 127, Love Lane. On Saturday her daughter found her lying dead in the house.

Agnes Jane Treble, a widow, said Mrs Sainsbury was her mother and enjoyed very good health, and on Thursday evening was quite all right. She went to her mother’s house on Saturday evening at about 5.45pm, and opened the door and walked in and she saw her mother lying on the floor, and found she was dead. She sent for Dr Blackmore. There was a clean jug in her hand. She was lying near the stairway, but the stairway door was nearly shut so she did not think her mother could have fallen downstairs. She lived in the house alone, although witness was there sometimes, and also her sister. Her mother was fully dressed. Every morning she got her milk in the jug she was holding in her hand, and probably she was going to get the milk when she fell down.

Elizabeth Kate Dutton, a widow, of 131, Love Lane, said she lived next door but one to Mrs Sainsbury. She saw her on Thursday evening and also heard her talking to her son on Friday afternoon. Mrs Sainsbury seemed in her usual health, and always said how well she was keeping. She generally went to see Mrs Sainsbury on Saturday mornings, but on this Saturday morning she did not do so.

Dr H P Blackmore said he was called to the house about 6.30. He found her lying on the floor, fully dressed, her face very much discoloured, both hands contracted, and the legs drawn up and not out straight. There were no signs of any bruises on the face or body. The pupils of the eyes were absolutely contracted, and this fact and the clenched hands pointed to the rupture of a large blood vessel on the brain, which would cause sudden death. He did not expect she moved after she fell down. The body was quite cold, and death must have occurred six or seven hours previously.

The Coroner returned a verdict in accordance with the doctor’s evidence.


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