Mundy, Charles

Mundy, Charles         1919 August 22nd         Steeple Langford

Brave Boy Killed

Suffocated Under a Fallen Horse

The Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) held an inquest at Steeple Langford on Friday afternoon into the circumstances surrounding the death of a boy named Charles Henry Mundy, aged 13½ years, who was killed by the overturning of a cart with which he was at work on a farm of Mr Edgar Andrews.

Fred Mundy, motor tractor driver for Mr Edgar Andrews, identified the body as that of his son, and stated that on Wednesday he was working in Mr Andrews’ field with his son. His son left him at 7.35pm, and went back to the farm by himself in a cart drawn by one horse. He did not know whether his son was on the horse or in the cart. He saw no more of him until after the accident, and he was then lying dead near the spot. The boy had driven the horse on previous occasions. He was a capable boy with a horse, and this was a quiet animal.

John Pothecary, labourer, working for Mr Andrews, stated that about 8 o’clock he was coming down the drove road to the farm when he heard the rattle of a cart, which was about 120 yards away from him. He looked round and saw that it was turned over. He went back at once and saw a boy under the horse, which was on its right side. He tried to get the animal up with the assistance of Robert Beavis, but could not do so until others arrived, and then the boy was found to be dead. He did not know how the accident occurred. There were ruts in the drove, but he had never known a cart overturned there, or heard of any accident in the drove.

Robert Beavis, shepherd in the employ of Mr Andrews, gave similar evidence.

Mr John Granger, medical practitioner, of Codford, said he examined the body. There were not extensive external injuries, but from what he saw and the enquiries he made, it seemed that a heavy weight on the boy’s chest had prevented him from breathing, and that death was due to asphyxia.

The Coroner returned a verdict of “Accidental Death.”

Mr Edgar Andrews expressed sympathy with the family in their sad bereavement and spoke highly of the boy’s ability and character, and the Coroner also tendered his sympathy to the parents.

Some years ago the lad distinguished himself by a gallant attempt to rescue a brother from drowning when bathing in the river.


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