Burt, Hugh

Burt, Hugh       1919 March 28th           Wardour

Killed by Cart Shaft – Farm Worker’s Tragic End

While assisting two companions to get a load of hay through a gateway a fatal accident of an unusual character occurred on Friday to Hugh George Burt, a young man of 22 years, who worked on his father’s farm at Wardour. When the wagon was going through the gateway Burt apparently got pinned between the shaft and the gatepost, with the result that his chest was so severely injured that he died. An inquest was held by the South Wilts Coroner (Mr F H Trethowan) on Monday afternoon.

John Henry Burt, of Bridzor Farm, Wardour, said that he and his brother (Hugh George Burt) worked on the farm, which was in the occupation of their father. On Friday afternoon his brother, Thomas Gray, and he, were with a load of hay and were taking it to Gray’s farm. His brother was leading the horse in the shafts, and there was a trace horse, which was led by Gray, and witness was on the top of the load. When the trace horse got through the gateway the wagon suddenly stopped and he heard his brother shout. He looked over the wagon and saw his brother put his hand to his heart and fall down. Afterwards he found he had been struck by the shaft. His stepmother, who had been a nurse, was called at once, and Dr Ensor was sent for. The accident occurred about 3pm and his brother died at 11pm.

Thomas Gray, a farm helper and small holder, who was with the wagon, said he opened the gate and led the trace horse in. He then heard Burt call out, and the horses stopped almost at once. He turned and saw that the shaft had struck the left gatepost and was broken, having evidently pinned Burt against the post and then broken. Burt was injured in the chest under the right arm.

Dr C A Ensor, of Tisbury, said that on Friday he received a message asking him to go to Bridzor Farm, and he arrived there about 4pm. Burt was suffering from shock arising from injuries to his chest and right arm. Several ribs were fractured and his right lung was torn by their fractured ends. Death was due to shock caused by these injuries.

A verdict of accidental death was returned.


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