Boyes, Alice

Boyes, Alice       1919 August 1st            Winchester

Swallowed Her False Teeth

At the inquest on the body of Miss Alice Elizabeth Boyes, of Colden Common, who died at Winchester on Monday, July 14th, as a result of swallowing her false teeth, Dr Godwin, who had her under his care at the Sarum Road Nursing Home, said she had swallowed one of the plates of false teeth which she had been fitted with about a week before. He found that it was impossible to get the teeth out of the gullet without an operation as they were so firmly fixed; Two little hooks at the end of the plate were sticking into the flesh. These hooks had lacerated the gullet and set up septic inflammation. He succeeded in removing the teeth, and the patient was placed in an antiseptic steam tent to guard against septicaemia, and her gullet was washed with anti-septic every four hours. She, however, developed septic pneumonia, despite all the precautions, and she died.

A verdict was entered in accordance with the medical evidence, no blame being attached to anyone.


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