Bax, infant

Bax infant     1919 December 28th

An inquest upon a male child, two months old, who died suddenly on Friday morning, was held by the City Coroner (Mr A M Wilson) on the evening of the same day at the Council Chamber.

Albert Somerville Box, living at 153a, Fisherton Street, said his child, who was born on October 24th, was put to bed about 10pm on Thursday evening, and he appeared to be quite healthy. About 3am on Friday morning his wife went to its cot, and then called him, and he found that its body was a blueish-white colour. He gave the child a spoonful of brandy and hot water (which he did not think he swallowed), and then went over to Mr Rowe the chemist, and asked him if he could give the child anything in order to revive him. When Mr Rowe came he said he thought the child had had a fit of some description, and advised him to send for a doctor. He did so immediately, and Dr Gordon arrived about nine o’clock and said that the child was dead.

Dr J E Gordon said that when he arrived at the house shortly before 9 o’clock the infant had been dead about half an hour. He had not previously attended the child and he was unable to certify the cause of death, and on the Coroner’s instructions he carried out a post mortem examination. He found no marks of violence, or injury on the body, but the heart was dilated. In his opinion death was due to sudden heart failure caused by a dilated heart. There was nothing to suggest improper feeding or want of care.

The Coroner returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.


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