Shaw, Henry

Shaw, Henry      1918 September 20th           Fovant

Wounded Soldier’s Suicide

A sad case of suicide was related to the Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) at Fovant Military Hospital on Monday in connection with the death of Pte Henry Shaw. In a letter he declared that as the result of a wound he had received in France two years ago, which deprived him of the sight of one eye, he had pains in the head and could not do his work. He was attached to the Southern Command Labour Centre at Fovant, and was a Londoner, his home being in Herne Hill.

Pte Cotterell said that on Friday, Shaw complained to him of headache, and he advised him to see the medical officer. Next morning he did so. He had never threatened to take his life, and did not seem to be worried.

Second-Lieut Linaker said he was going to Fovant village on Sunday morning when he was shown Shaw’s body. Round the neck was a rope which was attached to the top bar of some railings.

Capt Girvan, RAMC, said Shaw reported to him but did not complain that he was unable to work. From enquiries made it did not appear that Shaw’s conduct was in any way peculiar.

Capt Boyd Carpenter, RAMC, stationed at Fovant Military Hospital, said that Shaw had been dead several hours, evidently from strangulation.

The jury returned a verdict of suicide while of unsound mind, the Foreman remarking that the jury thought sufficient information had not been given in the man’s medical history sheet.


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