Reynolds, Albert

Reynolds, Albert       1918 April 19th          Stonehenge


The Third Victim of the Stonehenge Aeroplane Accidental

A sequel to the Stonehenge aviation accident on March 10th, when two boys were killed, occurred on Tuesday in the death of another boy, Albert Edward Robert Reynolds, at Fargo Military Hospital. It appears that on the date of the accident the pilot of the machine, Lieut Campbell, in “stunting” dived into a group of boys, killed two named Henderson and Perry, and injured several others. Reynolds was conveyed to the hospital and ten days later his leg was amputated, but without success. He was seventeen years of age and worked in the School of Navigation, bomb dropping section, Stonehenge Aerodrome. His home was in Colchester.

At the inquest held on Wednesday by Mr FH Trethowan (Coroner for South Wilts), Second-Lieut Campbell repeated his evidence of the inquest on the two other lads, when he stated he was 200 feet up when the machine dived. The machine lost speed and the nose went down and he had no control of it until it regained flying speed. The dive was lower than he expected.

Captain Richmond, RAMC, stationed at Fargo Hospital, said Reynolds was suffering from obstructions at the back of the right leg including the main artery, which was severed. The leg had to be amputated and he remained in a very nervous state and eventually died from septicaemia on Tuesday. He was conscious almost to his death.

A verdict of accidental death was returned.


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