Morgan, Ashton Rowan, William

Morgan, Ashton,  and Rowan, William        1918 February 8th          Netheravon

Two Aviators Killed – Flying Accident at Figheldean

As the result of an aeroplane accident at Figheldean on Monday morning, an inquest was held at Netheravon Military Hospital on Wednesday by the Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan), on the deaths of Second-Lieutenant Ashton Morgan, and Flight-Sergt William Bowen, who were both killed.

Captain Harter, who said that both men belonged to the Artillery Co-operation Squadron, and said they were both 28 years of age. They landed on Sunday night at Hindon and sent a telephone message that they were staying the night, and would fly over in the morning. He was present at the military court of enquiry, and the court came to the conclusion that the machine was weakened by excessive exposure to t— during the night and that the wings folded in the —-, the aeroplane became uncontrollable and crashed to the ground.

Capt Foster, stationed at Netheravon, said he was near the Regimental Institute on Monday morning and saw the aeroplane nearly 700 yards away, and 250 yards up. He saw the left wing double up, and the machine came down. Some machines would stand bad weather, but others would not.

First Air Mechanic Harris said he was detailed to guard the aeroplane during the night at Hindon, and in the morning took two hours in going over it. The controls were in order and the machine was in flying condition.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.

(Unfortunately the two omitted words were a printing error on the newspaper, and I could not read them at all, vital though both seem to be).


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