Marks, George

Marks, George          1918 May 10th       Larkhill

Died Under Anaesthetic

Some facts relating to the sudden death of George Douglas Marks, a private in the Young Soldier’s Brigade, Hants Regt., which took place at Fargo Military Hospital, came out at an inquest held by the Coroner for South Wilts (Mr Trethowan) on Wednesday.

Sergt T Grant, Hants Regt., stationed at Rollestone Camp, said that Marks was a private in the same battalion as himself, and his home was in Shirehampton, near Bristol. He was 18 years of age.

Captain H A Tilmann, RAMC, stated that Marks was admitted to Hospital on April 24th suffering from pneumonia. He was improving, but on May 5th a swelling developed in front of his left ear and spread rapidly to the back of the ear. It was necessary to remove the swelling, so Captain Heyliger, the ear specialist attached to the hospital, was consulted and subsequently operated.

Captain E D S Heyliger said that Captain Tillman called him into consultation as to the swelling round the ear. He thought the lad was in a precarious state owing to pneumonia, and that an operation was the only thing to give him a chance. Captain Tillman agreed. An anaesthetic was given at about 3.15pm on May 6th, the operation was completed, and the anaesthetic had been stopped for six or seven minutes when the lad suddenly ceased to breathe.

He was examined before the operation and his heart was all right, but he was not breathing with the right lung. He had stood the anaesthetic very well. Death was due to heart failure. Witness thought the lad would have died from pneumonia if he had not been operated upon.

The jury returned a verdict that Marks died from heart failure whilst under an anaesthetic which was properly administered.


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