Maffey, Emma

Maffey, Emma            1918 October 4th                  Wylye

Fatal Fall Downstairs

Mr F Trethowan, the Deputy Coroner for Salisbury, held an inquest on Saturday evening at the Salisbury Infirmary relative to the death of Mrs Emma Maffey, of Town End, Wylye.

Mr Frank Barter, grocer, of the same address, said Mrs Maffey was his wife’s aunt, 66 years of age, and the widow of Henry Maffey, a grocer and baker. For about six years she had resided at his shop and assisted him in the business, being the only person sleeping on the premises. On September 6th he went to the shop at about 7am, knocked at the door, and heard Mrs Maffey’s voice. He asked her where she was and she replied, “At the bottom of the stairs.” On looking through the window he saw her lying on her back. He burst open the door and she told him she had been lying there all night, having fallen from the top of the stairs to the bottom. She complained of injury to her head and shoulders, and she had a wound on her forehead which had been bleeding. He sent for Dr Penruddocke who ordered her removal to Salisbury Infirmary. Witness took her there the same morning in his car. He saw her on the previous afternoon when she was in good health and active for her age, but he knew she was subject to fits.

Dr Kathleen O’Donnell, house surgeon at the Infirmary, said that Mrs Maffey was admitted n September 6th at 9am suffering from the effects of an injury to the head. She was conscious but there was some paralysis. She was unconscious on September 25th and died at midnight on the following day. Witness made a post mortem examination and found that death was due to concussion of the brain followed by pneumonia and respiratory failure.

The jury, of whom Mr W F Gullick was foreman, returned a verdict of “Accidental death.”


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