Home, Charles

Horne, Charles           1918 June 21st            Stonehenge

Soldier’s Fall from a Roof

An inquest was held at Fargo Military Hospital on Friday by Mr F H Trethowan in connection with the death of Private Charles Thomas Horne, aged 42, of the Southern Command Labour Centre at West Farm, Fovant, who was attached to the Royal Engineers at Stonehenge Camp. His home was at Brixton Hill, London.

Sapper E Phillips stated that on Thursday, June 13th, he was working with Horne on the roof of a regimental institute which was being erected at the Stonehenge Camp. Horne was holding the roofing sheets which he was nailing down, and was partly behind him. Hearing a noise he looked round and saw Horne fall head downwards on to the floor below. He did not consider that there was any special danger in the job. Descending to the floor he found Horne lying in a pool of blood, and apparently very seriously hurt.

Corporal J W Cutts, who was in charge of the carpenters doing the work, corroborated.

Sergeant E A Knowles, of the Medical Corps, said Horne in the fall sustained a fracture of the base of the skull, and this, in his opinion, was the cause of death, which must have been practically instantaneous.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.


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