Haggerty, Clarence

Haggerty, Clarence        1918 October 11th      Unknown

Struck by a Propeller – Fatal Accident at an Aerodrome

On Tuesday Mr F H Trethowan (Coroner for South Wilts) held an inquest without a jury at the Military Hospital, Fargo, concerning the death of Clarence Henry Haggerty, a young American corporal, who was accidentally knocked down and killed on October 4th.

Charles Howard Welch, lieutenant in the Aero Squadron, USA, said Haggerty was a corporal, aged 23, and came from Rochester, US.

Second-Lieut Hiff, RAF, explained that on October 4th he was going up for an instructional flight, and was in the front seat of the machine; the instructor was in the rear seat. Just after the engine was started he heard a thud. The engine was stopped, and Haggerty’s body was found close to the machine, near the wing tips. He did not know why the man should have been near the propellor.

Lieut P M Roberts, RAMC, said he saw the man dead on the ground near the machine, with a fractured skull, which was consistent with his having been struck by the propellor. There had been a military inquiry at which it was stated Haggerty had accidentally stooped towards the propellor to avoid drift wire.

The Coroner returned a verdict of “Accidental Death.”


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