Greyson, Edward

Greyson, Edward              1918 March 15th             Larkhill

Found Dead in the Road

A soldier named Edward Greyson was found dead in the road between Larkhill and Rollestone on Saturday night, but nothing is known as to the cause of his death. He was — (20) years of age, and was a driver in the Practise Section, E, Instructional Battery, Royal Field Artillery, stationed at Larkhill Camp, and his home address was Lorlock Hall, Lancashire.

At an inquest held by the South Wilts Coroner (Mr F H Trethowan) it was stated that on Saturday he said he was going to the Bulford Camp Theatre, but he was not quite decided because a man he had been going with backed out. Greyson was a quiet man and well liked by everybody.

Flight-Sergt Charles Wilson, of the Stonehenge Aerodrome, said that at 10.15 he was going from Rollestone to Larkhill as a passenger in the front seat of a car when he saw a soldier lying in the road, with his head in the centre and his feet towards the gutter. They got out, found his face and hands were cold, and put him in the car and took him to the Fargo Military Hospital.

After medical evidence by Lieut Milne, RAMC, who thought that it was possible that Greyson was struck by a vehicle, the jury returned a verdict that the death was due to a fracture of the base of the skull, but the cause of the injury was unknown.


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