Churchill, William

Churchill, William       1918 January 18th            Tisbury

Porter Killed at Tisbury Station

It appears that the heavy fall on Sunday night and Monday morning was the cause of a fatal accident at Tisbury Railway Station, for it deadened the sound of an approaching train, with the result that a young porter named William Edward Churchill did not hear it coming and was knocked down and killed.

An inquest was held on Tuesday by the Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan).

George Frederick Thick, foreman platelayer on the SWR, said that Churchill lived at Tucking Mill, Tisbury, and was 23 years old. He was the sole support of his mother. Witness saw him standing in the six-foot way at the station on Monday morning, when the train from Salisbury, arriving at 6.56, came in. After the up train from Yeovil had passed, arriving at Tisbury at 6.58, witness’ attention was called to the rails near to which Churchill had been standing. He went to the spot and saw him lying on his back, dead, in the six-foot way.

Replying to a representative of the Railway Company, the witness said that when he first saw Churchill standing in the six-foot way he shouted to him to be careful when the up train came along. He did not hear any reply, so when he heard the train coming he shouted again. The snow deadened the sound of the wheels.

John Thomas Ball, another platelayer employed by the SWR company, said that at about 7 o’clock on Monday morning he saw a man lying in the six-foot way. When he had lighted a match he recognised Churchill. One leg was touching the down road.

Mr HA Baker, a medical practitioner, of Tisbury, said he saw the body in the cloakroom at the station. The skull was crushed on the left side and the face cut, while the right arm had been cut off, and the left foot was nearly off. The right foot was severed by the toes. He thought death must have been instantaneous. He had heard that the deceased had had fits.

The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental death.”


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