Carradine, William

Carradine, William     1918 August 23rd           Upavon

Aeroplane Fatality (not an inquest)

A distressing aeroplane accident occurred at the Central Flying School, Upavon, on Tuesday afternoon last week, as a result of which Flight-Cadet Carradine lost his life. He went up in a Scout machine about 2.30pm to perform certain manoeuvres.

He ascended quite satisfactorily, and appeared to have the machine under perfect control, but suddenly it was seen to slide-slip, and appeared to be rapidly falling. It nose-dived and began to spin. The pilot endeavoured to flatten the machine out, but before he could get it out of the nose-dove it struck the ground. The violence of the concussion evidently burst the petrol tank. The petrol immediately ignited and the aeroplane was quickly enveloped in flames. The motor ambulance from the Flying School was standing by, and as soon as the flames had died down sufficiently the fire was extinguished, and the remains were conveyed to the mortuary.

No Coroner’s inquest was held, but the Commandant (Lieut-Col. Scott) held the usual Military Court of Inquiry. Evidence was given by the fitter and rigger responsible for this particular machine, proving that it had been thoroughly examined and tested, and was in good condition when the Flight-Cadet took it up. It is believed that the machine got into an air pocket.

Flight-Cadet Carradine was an experienced and capable airman. He had seen a great deal of active service abroad in this war. For some time he was an observer in Egypt, where he rendered much valuable service.


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