White, Henry

White, Henry        1917 May 25th         Milford

A Lonely Stranger – Found Dead on the Road

An account of how an old man named Henry White, a hawker, was found dead on the road was related at an inquest held by the Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) at Milford, on Saturday.

The Rev. Allan John Roberts, Rector and Vicar of Harting, Sussex, identified White, and said he was 69 years of age, and was a hawker. He had practically nothing to do with his family and travelled about alone.

Dr J J Armitage said he saw the body at Mr Ashford’s farm at Laverstock, and attributed death to heart Failure.

William Thomas Ashford, farmer, said that on Thursday he saw the man sitting in a tent, and he appeared to be all right. His pony and trap were there. On Friday morning he saw the man in the same position, and not getting a reply when he spoke, went into the tent and saw that the man was dead.

Ely George Dudman, farm labourer, of Sherborne Road, near Shaftesbury, said White was his wife’s uncle. About a month ago he was in good health, but he had been in Salisbury and Winchester Infirmaries lately and had complained of his left side.

The jury returned a verdict of “Death from heart failure.”


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