Wall, Arthur Clark, John

Wall, Arthur, and Clark, John          1917 August 10th        Netheravon

Two Young Officers Killed at Netheravon

The Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) held an inquest on Wednesday concerning the deaths of two young officers who were killed on Monday evening as the result of a fall from an aeroplane in which they were flying together.

Evidence of identification was given by Captain D M King of the Royal Flying Corps, who said that Second-Lieut Arthur Geoffrey Nelson Wall was 20 years of age and came from Melbourne, Australia. Second-Lieut John Clark was 19 and his home was in Collinsburgh, Fifeshire. The witness said he watched them flying a Maurice Farman in the direction of Bulford at about 8pm, on Monday, and saw the machine in a spinning nose-dive about 500 feet up. He watched till it fell out of his sight.

Sergt John Drew, RFC, said he saw the machine when it was 1000 feet up. It was in a vertical nose dive, and he thought the speed of the dive caused the wings to fold back. When it fell he hurried to the spot and found that both officers were apparently dead.

Sergt R W Coomber said he had charge of the engine in this machine and before the flight he found it in perfect order. Lieut Wall expressed himself perfectly satisfied with it.

First Air Mechanic Walter Coupe gave evidence to the effect that the rigging and the wiring were in order.

Captain P L Moore, RAMC, stated that death in each case was due to fracture of the skull.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.


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