Smith, Harold & Chetwood, Joseph

Smith, Harold and Chetwood, Joseph        1917 May 4th             Netheravon

Aviator’s Deaths

Mr F H Trethowan, the Coroner for South Wilts, inquired at the Military Hospital, Netheravon, on Saturday, touching the deaths of Sergt-Major Smith, of London, and Sergt Chetwood (whose home was in Shropshire), by a mishap to a flying machine on the previous day.

Second-Lieutenant W L Wells said he heard of the accident, and on flying to the scene found both men, apparently dead. With a chum he had flown for seventy minutes in the same machine on the previous evening, and it was then in perfect order.

Lieutenant Sparks, who also flew to the spot, which was near Figheldean, corroborated.

Lieutenant K B Wild told how, when he was flying, he saw the machine fall down from a height of about 800 feet.

Evidence was given showing that the engine and other parts of the machine were in good order before the flight was started.

Captain P L Moore, RAMC, deposed that death was due in both cases to fracture of the skull, and the jury returned a verdict accordingly, stating that injuries were due to falls from an aeroplane.


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