Siddy, Edward

Siddy, Edward     1917 November 30th        Lake

Another aeroplane accident, resulting in the death of Edward Ernest Siddy, at Lake Down Aerodrome, occurred on Monday. He was a sapper in No 3 Building Section, Royal Engineers, and his home was at East Kirkley, Notts, and he was 36 years of age. An inquest was held at Fargo Military Hospital on Wednesday by the Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan).

Second-Lieutenant Gray said he was practising landings at Lake Down on Monday. He had made five and went up again, and when he got about 20 feet off the ground the engine stopped. He could do nothing and the machine went straight on and down. It struck the aerodrome and knocked over a bell tent, then struck an RFC touring car and landed on top of an RFC trailer. Two men in the tent were injured and a man outside was killed. He thought the petrol supply failed, but the engine stoppage might have been caused by the valve sticking, or by dirt in the petrol.

Lance-Corpl. Evans, in charge of the bricklayers at work on the aerodrome, said Siddy was working in a building about two feet high and the machine struck him and carried him about four yards.

Capt. Badger, of the RAMC, deposed to a severe injury to the head, the top of the skull being fractured. The shock probably caused death.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.


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