Reeves, Charlotte

Reeves, Charlotte         1917 December 14th           Steeple Langford

Knocked Down by Cyclist – Riding Without Lights

The Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) held an inquest at Steeple Langford Vicarage on Wednesday, concerning the death of Charlotte Janet Reeves, aged 61, of The Common, Steeple Langford, who was knocked down by a cyclist.

From the evidence it appeared that Mrs Reeves was walking with her brother, William Bennett, and Pte F Mundy, of the Wilts Regiment, towards Hanging Langford, when an Australian cyclist ran against her in the dark and knocked her down. He had no lights on the machine.

The witnesses, Bennett and Mundy, said it was a very dark night. The cyclist was riding rather fast and the road was slightly down hill. There was plenty of room for him to pass safely if he had been able to see where hew as going. After the mishap he walked with Mrs Reeves and her companions for some distance and made no attempt to get away.

Mr C Penruddocke, medical practitioner, of Wylye, said that Mrs Reeves had a small scalp wound at the back of the head and was suffering from compression of the brain and hemorrhage. She died on Sunday evening.

The Coroner stated that the authorities had been unable to trace the soldier.

A verdict that death was due to injuries caused by being knocked down by an unknown cyclist was returned.


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