Redgrave, Joseph

Redgrave, Joseph     1917 May 18th         Larkhill

Horse Frightened by a Stationary Steam Roller

The Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) held an inquest at the Military Hospital, Fargo Camp, on Wednesday, to inquire into the circumstances attending the death of Private Joseph Redgrave, which occurred the previous day.

Corpl. Ernest Hale, AVC, stationed at Larkhill Veterinary Hospital, said that Redgrave was 20 years old. His home was in Old Brompton, Kent. On Tuesday he had charge of a horse and cart, and witness, when with a party of men going towards the hospital, saw that the horse was then going quietly. About 50 yards ahead was a stationary steam roller, and the horse looked at it and started to bolt as it passed. Redgrave did not apparently have it well in hand and it broke into a gallop, and kept well in the middle of the road for a time, but ultimately the off wheel struck the bank and the cart tipped, with the result that the driver was thrown out and one wheel went over his head. Witness was running behind and when he reached the man found he was dead. He sent for a doctor. This happened at about 11.45am. Redgrave was quite sober and was, he believed, a teetotaller. He had been driving this horse a fortnight or more and had passed the steam roller dozens of times.

Capt. C M Smith, RAMC, stationed at Fargo military hospital, said death was due to a fracture of the skull.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.


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