Pointon, Ernest

Pointon, Ernest        1917 August 17th             Larkhill

Motor Cycle Accident – Young Soldier Killed

An inquest was held at Fargo Military Hospital on Monday by the Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan), touching the death of Ernest Arthur Pointon, who was killed as a result of a motor cycle accident.

Capt. Richmond, RAMC, of Fargo Military Hospital, said Pointon was admitted on Monday suffering from injuries to the head. He died the next day at about 4pm.

Captain Mellow, of the ASC, stationed at No 2 Camp, Durrington, said Pointon was a private in the same company as himself. He age was 27, and his home was in Newcastle, Staffordshire. On Monday he was riding a motor bicycle to Lavington. Pointon was in the side-car. Just after crossing a hill the machine skidded and turned to the right. He was unable to straighten the course of the motor cycle and the foot brake failed to act. He did everything in his power to stop the machine, but it hit the railings and threw him into the field. He found Pointon lying on the side of the road and did what he could for him, and, afterwards helped him, with assistance, to the nearest medical officer.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

The following item came underneath the inquest report – I couldn’t resist it. A huge green caterpillar has been found in Dorchester. It measures three inches long and is about as big as a man’s little finger.


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