O’Giollagain, John

O’Giollagain, John       1917 September 14th         Upavon

Another Flying Fatality

On Wednesday in last week another fatality occurred at the Central Flying School, Upavon, Second-Lieutenant J C O’Giollagain, RFC (General List), being killed instantaneously. It was a beautiful morning for flying, and many machines were in the air. Mr O’Giollagain, who was attached to “B” Squadron, was taking a course of practise on a Sopwith-Camel fighting machine. He was a very experienced pilot, and was apparently making this flight all right, when the machine was seen to take a “spinning nose dive,” and fall when over Manningford Downs. On assistance reaching him he was found to be quite dead.

The Lieutenant was not a stranger to the Central Flying School. Soon after it opened he was passed there as an air mechanic, later removing to Farnborough, and going from there overseas on the outbreak of war. In France he became a pilot, and took his brevet, and has done a lot of excellent work, his flying record being considerably over 1000 hours. In France he soon became Flight-Sergeant and recently obtained a commission.

I had transcribed this one before I realised it was not reporting an actual inquest, though no doubt it would have reported it as accidental. John O’Giollagain was aged 26.


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