Nolan, Stanley

Nolan, Stanley       1917 August 3rd             Netheravon

Flying Fatality

The Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) held inquests (see also Morrison, Lindsay) at Netheravon Military Hospital during the week-end to inquire into the circumstances attending two fatal aerial mishaps. The first touched the death of Second-Lieutenant Stanley Nolan, who was 29 years of age and whose home was in Montreal.

It appeared from the evidence of Second-Lieutenant Farrer that Nolan made his first solo flight on the morning of July 27th. In the evening he wanted to fly again, and witness asked if he wanted him to fly with him, but Nolan said he was quite confident about making a solo flight. He was a steady airman, better then the average flyer, and went up and flew 35 minutes. Witness was flying in another machine and watched him when he had an opportunity. It seemed as if the machine got into a vertical state, and nose-dived to the ground, about 200 feet, when the engine was apparently still running.

Capt. Paterson, RFC, said he was also flying when Nolan came across his line of flight. He climbed to avoid him, and suddenly the nose of Nolan’s machine went up. It looped and then crashed to the ground.

Capt. Moore, RAMC, said he saw the accident. He went to the spot and found that Nolan was dead. The skull had been fractured and there were other injuries.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.


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