Morrison, Lindsay

Morrison, Lindsay       1917 August 3rd          Larkhill

His Second Solo Flight

The other inquest (see also Nolan, Stanley) was held on Monday, the victim of the flying mishap being Second-Lieutenant Lindsay Morrison, of the RFC, aged 24, his home being in Victoria.

Second-Lieut. Cameron said he started Morrison on his second solo flight on Saturday. He ascribed the cause of the accident to a side-slip of the machine, due to one of the wings being down. The machine came to the ground about half a mile from where it started. He had been for a flight with Morrison just before, and considered him to be quite a good pupil.

In reply to the Foreman, Lieut Cameron said he went to the spot and found Morrison still alive, though seriously injured.

Major Atkinson gave similar evidence. He thought the accident was caused by Morrison trying to turn to the left when he had his right wing down. This would cause a side-slip, and the machine certainly did side-slip.

Capt. Moore, RAMC, said he went to the scene of the accident just after it happened. Morrison was brought to the hospital and died within an hour. Death was due to fracture of the base of the skull and other injuries.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.


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