Morris, Hubert

Morris, Hubert      1917 April 13th         Tisbury

Chemist’s Death from Narcotic Poisoning

The Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) held an inquiry at Tisbury last Thursday into the circumstances attending the death of Hubert Morris, aged 21, a chemist’s assistant, in the employ of Mr Daniel Lewis, of High Street, Tisbury.

Miss Isabel Morris, of Darwen, Lancashire, said that Hubert Morris was her brother. He did not enjoy goof health, and was in the habit of taking a lot of medicine, but she did not know what.

Mrs Lewis said that Morris was fairly well till three weeks ago when he contracted a cold. He went to bed and having had nursing experience she attended him. On April 3rd she noticed the cork of a small medicine bottle on the floor in his bedroom. He then appeared much worse and died at 12 o’clock that day.

Dr Baber said Morris was suffering from pleurisy and tuberculosis. On April 2nd he was much better, but on the following day he (witness) was summoned and found he was dying. He could not understand the change and was remarking upon it, when a bottle fell from the pillow to the floor. It contained the dregs of what he believed to be laudanum. He tried to revive the patient but without avail, and came to the conclusion that death was due to laudanum poisoning. Possibly he had been taking it for some time and on this occasion took an overdose.

The jury found that death was due to an overdose of narcotic poison which was self administered by accident.


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