Lawrence, Hannah

Lawrence, Hannah       1917 November 23rd        Amesbury

Workhouse Inmate’s Death

Aged Widow’s Misadventure at Amesbury

The Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) held an inquest at Amesbury Workhouse on Monday concerning the death of Mrs Hannah Lawrence.

Kate Daily, wife of John Daily, a gamekeeper, living at Martin, said that Mrs Lawrence was her mother. She was a widow and was 87 years of age. She had been an inmate of the Workhouse since August 24th, and was ill when witness last saw her alive on November 13th.

Elizabeth Watson, a nurse at the Workhouse, said that when she entered the ward on November 8th, at 11.45am, she found Mrs Lawrence standing by the fireplace, having got out of her bed which was railed all round. Witness helped her back to bed and she complained that her side was hurt, stating that when she got up she slipped against the bed rail. Witness fomented her side, and sent for the Matron who called the doctor. Mrs Lawrence died on Tuesday, November 20th, at 2.20am.

Dr Henry Browne, medical officer at the Workhouse, stated that Mrs Lawrence was admitted to the institution suffering from senile decay, and at times she was very restless. She had bruises when admitted and contracted more on September 13th, when she fell over the bed and bruised herself. On November 8th, when he was called to see her, he found she had two ribs fractured, and was suffering from shock. She was treated for the injury, but died on Tuesday from a dilated heart and senile decay. He thought the shock of the accident contributed to or hastened her death.

A verdict in accordance with the medical evidence was returned.


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