Howell, Louis

Howell, Louis         1917 July 27th         Larkhill

RE Sergeant Killed

A similar fatality (bomb explosion) was enquired into by the City Coroner (Mr A M Wilson) at the Salisbury Infirmary on Wednesday evening. In this case the unfortunate victim was Sergt. Louis Albert Howell, of the Royal Engineers, aged 27, and engaged at an experimental ground in the district in the work of destroying unexploded bombs and explosives. From the evidence of his officer, Lieut J Macleish, RE, it appeared that the sergeant was missed on Tuesday evening and a search party found him practically unconscious huddled up in a “crater.” He was terribly injured. Witness thought he was dead but he moved slightly when spoken to. Subsequently he was taken to the Infirmary. He must have been close to the explosion which occurred and which was probably of a number of bags of explosives, but no one heard or saw anything of it.

Miss D’Abreu, the house surgeon at the Infirmary, said the sergeant was admitted about 11.30 on Tuesday night and died about 12.45. She detailed his terrible injuries, which included the loss of both hands, damage to the sight, chest and legs.

The jury returned a verdict of death from an explosion, probably the result of an accident.


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