Holdman, Harold

Holdman, Harold         1917 November 2nd            Netheravon


Aviation Mishap – Fatality Caused by Mist

An inquest was held by the Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) in the Military Hospital at Netheravon on Wednesday, touching the death of Harold Holdman, a second-lieutenant in the RFC, stationed at the Central Flying School, Upavon. He was 18 years of age and came from Wood Green, London.

Captain Dundas, of the RFC, said that on Monday he sent Lieut Holdman up for a flight, after going up himself to see if the air was suitable. He was a promising pupil.

In reply to the Coroner, he said that at the Court of Enquiry evidence was given to the effect that the lieutenant was landing in the mist at the Netheravon Aerodrome. The ground was probably invisible.

Evidence was given by First Air Mechanics Appleyard and Bartour to the effect that the controls and rigging of the machine were in order.

Capt Moore, RAMC, said death was due to shock from a severe blow on the head.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.


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