Grant, Winifred

Grant, Winifred       1917 June 22nd      Little Durnford

Lady Help’s Sad Death at Little Durnford

Mr A M Wilson, the City Coroner, held an inquest at the Infirmary on Wednesday evening to inquire into the circumstances attending the death of Miss Winifred May Grant, who was thrown from a trap at Little Durnford on Tuesday. Mr Charles Biss was chosen foreman of the jury.

William Henry Grant, a farmer, of Manor Farm, North Wootton, Shepton Mallett, said Miss Grant was his daughter and was 21 years of age. He was expecting her home for a holiday on Tuesday, and made arrangements to meet her at the station, but received a telegram saying she had fallen out of a trap and was in Salisbury Infirmary. He could not catch the train so he motored to Salisbury and saw his daughter, who was unconscious, and stayed at the Infirmary and was present when she died at 1.15 in the morning.

Mrs Eleanor Fanny Crook, wife of Mr Isaac Charles Crook, farmer, of Amesbury, said Miss Grant had been in her employ as “help” since April, 1916. On Tuesday morning she left Amesbury in a trap with her three children and Miss Grant, who was carrying the baby. When they were passing through Little Durnford the horse suddenly collapsed and fell. All of them were thrown out, but neither she nor her children were hurt, but she found Miss Grant lying on her back, unable to move, and with the baby near her. She thought she had fainted and tried to raise her, but could not manage it till assistance arrived. She was certain Miss Grant, in saving the child, fell heavily on her head. A message was sent to Salisbury and a motor ambulance shortly afterwards appeared. The horse got up of its own accord.

Mrs Rawlence, house surgeon, said Miss Grant, when admitted, was unconscious, and there was a big bruise on the left of her head, and she was bleeding from the left ear. Death was due to fracture of the base of the skull and laceration of the brain.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.

The jury expressed sympathy with the bereaved parents and gave their fees to the Infirmary.


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