Ford, Thomas

Ford, Thomas       1917 April 13th        Tisbury

Hanged on the Eve of his Marriage

The Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) held an inquest on Thursday in last week in connection with the death of Thomas Edward Ford, aged 61, a cabinet maker, of Hindon Road, Tisbury.

Sarah M E Winter, of Hindon, the daughter, said her father about a week before was in fair health and spirits. He was going to be married and the family were looking forward to the alliance.

Sarah Jane Snook, of Mount Pleasant, Tuckingmill, Tisbury, said she saw Mr Ford on Tuesday, April 3rd, when they made final arrangements for their wedding. She was to meet him next morning on Tisbury station at 9 o’clock and proceed to Salisbury, where they were to be married by license. She went to the station but did not see him and proceeded to his house. Finding the door locked she got in at the window, but could not see him in the house, but found him hanging in his workshop from a pipe in the roof. He was quite dead.

Everett Whatling gave corroborative evidence.

Dr Baber said that death was due to strangulation, evidently caused by hanging.

The jury returned a verdict of “Suicide while of unsound mind.”


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