Feltham, Elizabeth

Feltham, Elizabeth       1917 September 28th

Fell Downstairs

An inquest was held at Shrewton on Tuesday by Mr Trethowan to enquire into the circumstances attending the death of Miss Elizabeth Feltham, who was found at the foot of a flight of stairs in her house on Saturday and died the next day.

Mrs Marett, a widow, living at Slough, said that Miss Feltham was her sister. She was 78 years of age and carried on business in Shrewton as a stationer. Witness had not seen her for over twelve months.

Miss Lena Kate Weston said she lived in the same house as Miss Feltham, and at about 11.20am on Saturday, September 22nd, she heard the sound of a fall while in the scullery. She went to the foot of the steps which led to the staircase and there found Miss Feltham lying unconscious, She picked her up, laid her on the rug and called for assistance. Her arms were full of paper bags and she had a candlestick in her hand. She had evidently fallen when coming down stairs.

Dr Jefferson, of Shrewton, stated that he found Miss Feltham in an unconscious condition, due to an injury to her skull. He had no doubt that there was a fracture of the base of the skull. She died at 9.30pm on Sunday. Her sight was failing and he attended her for senile debility in July.

The jury returned a verdict to the effect that death was caused by injuries due to accidentally falling downstairs.


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