Farrant, James

Farrant, James          1917 March 30th             Larkhill

Mr Trethowan held another inquest at Fargo Hospital on friday afternoon, concerning the death of an Australian soldier named James Lascelles Farrant, aged 25, who came from Perth, West Australia, and was stationed at Rollestone Camp.

Private R W Annear, AIF, stationed at Rollestone Camp, said Farrant was his cousin, and he believed he had some home trouble, but when he last spoke to him he did not appear to be worried.

Lieutenant-Colonel Le Quesne, RAMC, officer in charge of Fargo Hospital, said Farrant was admitted to the Hospital on March 8th, suffering from bronchial-pneumonia. On Thursday afternoon he was informed that Lascelles had injured his throat, and on going to the bedside found his throat cut. There was a razor on the bed. There had been no signs of delirium or insanity, and accordingly the man was allowed the use of the razor. Despite efforts to stop the bleeding, the man died from hemorrhage in about a quarter of an hour.

Lieutenant G H Hanna, RAMC, said the man had been under his charge while at the Hospital. He considered that his illness caused him to be temporarily insane at the time he inflicted the wound to his throat.

The jury returned a verdict of suicide during temporary insanity.


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