Cooper, Alfred

Cooper, Alfred             1917 January 5th

Asylum Inmate’s Sudden Death

There was an inquest at Fisherton House Asylum, on Wednesday, held by the City Coroner (Mr S Buchanan Smith), with Mr J Salter as foreman of the jury, concerning the death of an inmate named Alfred Cooper, a carpenter, of Southampton, who was admitted on February 23rd, 1915, when he was 52 years of age.

From the evidence it appeared that he had dinner on Monday at about 12 o’clock, and at 12.20 went out into the airing court and was walking about with other inmates. About twenty minutes later he was found lying on his back and apparently choking.

Dr R T Finch was at once called and applied the usual remedies without success, and the man died in a few minutes. An examination revealed a piece of meat in the larynx, entirely obstructing the air passage. It was stated that the man ate his dinner all right and the attendant did not notice that the man put any part of it in his pocket to eat afterwards.

Evidence was given by Dr R T Finch, the Medical Superintendent of the Asylum, and Charles Edward Wallis, of 62, Meadow Road, an attendant.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.


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