Allday, John

Allday, John               1917 January 12th                  Bulford

Sad Discovery in a Cubicle at Sling Camp

The discovery of a New Zealand soldier named John William Allday, lying dead in his cubicle at Sling Camp, Bulford, with a revolver on the floor near to his left hand, was the cause of an inquest held by the Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan), on Wednesday.

Second-Lieutenant Bond said that Allday was a sergeant attached to the New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps, and was 38 years of age. His home was in Wellington. The sergeant had been absent without leave since Tuesday, January 2nd, until he was found dead. The witness knew of no military offence which he had committed which was likely to make him take his life.

The story of the discovery of the body was told by Herbert W Grimes, another New Zealand soldier, who stated that he made the discovery on Tuesday morning.

Capt. Faris, of the AFC, said there was a revolver wound in the man’s head, and laceration of the brain. Death would have been instantaneous, and the wound was evidently self-inflicted.

A verdict of “Suicide” was returned.


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