Winter, Florence

Winter, Florence                1916 June 30th              Fisherton

Found Hanging from the Bannisters

The City Coroner (Mr S Buchanan Smith) held an inquest at the Council Chamber yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, concerning the death of Miss Florence Emma Winter, of 94, Fisherton Street, which was discovered under sad circumstances on Wednesday. Mr G Bath was appointed foreman of the jury.

Miss Louisa Winter said that her sister had lived with her three years. She was fifty years of age and suffered from a nervous break-down a year ago, but greatly improved under the treatment of Dr Ward. She had been delicate from a child and everything seemed to worry her without any cause. On Sunday she was much worse but would not allow her to fetch a doctor. On Monday and Tuesday she did her work as usual and on Wednesday went for a walk round “Broken Bridges,” returning at about 3.40. She went upstairs and on witness going to ask if she should get the tea she found her hanging by a rope from the banisters. She had heard no sound and she got a pair of steps and tried to reach her but she could not do so. She fetched Mr Jerrard, who, with the assistance of a military policeman, took the body down.

Henry Jerrard, hair dresser, 96, Fisherton Street, corroborated and said that when they got the body down there was no sign of life.

Dr Ward said when he got to the house Miss Winter was in bed and life was extinct. He and PS Cutler made prolonged efforts at resuscitation but they were unavailing. The cause of death was strangulation due to hanging. He attended Miss Winter last year and from what he saw of her he should not think that she was of sound mind when she caused her death. He wanted her put away last year because she tried to choke herself. A doctor signed her certificate, but a magistrate was not convinced of her condition.

The Coroner : You have to convince a magistrate as well as yourself?

Dr Ward : I believe so.

After a brief deliberation the jury returned a verdict of “Suicide whilst of unsound mind.”


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