Taplin, Clarissa

Taplin, Clarissa              1916 May 12th

Old Lady’s Fatal Fall – Caught her Foot in her Shawl

An inquest was held at the Workhouse on Saturday evening by Mr S Buchanan Smith in connection with the death of Clarissa Taplin, single woman, aged 88 years.

Albert Smith said that Clarissa Taplin was his youngest aunt, and had been living with him at 6, Block Place, St Edmind’s Church Street, for over two years. On Monday, April 24th, he went out for a little while, and on returning found that someone had carried his aunt into the house. She complained that she had hurt her hip, so he went for the doctor, and she was taken to the Workhouse Infirmary.

Mrs Tanner, wife of Fred tanner, of 2, Block Place, said she saw the old lady suddenly fall down in the yard on April 24th. She found she had caught her foot in a long shawl she was wearing and had been thrown to the ground. She picked her up and carried her indoors. Witness had previously warned her that the long shawl would trip her up some day.

Dr Luckham, medical officer at the Workhouse, said that the old lady had fractured her right hip, and he ordered her removal to the Workhouse Infirmary. She died on Friday, May 5th, from the results of the accident.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.


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