Shergold, William

Shergold, William        1916 March 31st          Stoford

Fell From a Coal Lorry – Little Boy’s Death at Stoford

The Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) held an inquest at the Swan Inn, Stoford, on Tuesday, in connection with the sad death of a little boy named William Shergold who fell from a coal lorry on which he had been riding.

Elizabeth Shergold, wife of Herbert Shergold, a carter, living at Stoford, said that William Shergold was her son, and was nine years of age. On Saturday, March 25th, he went to Wishford station about 7.30am. He walked there so as to get a ride back on a horse-drawn lorry driven by Reginald Arthur Foyle. He was in good health when he left. Between 9.30 and 10 o’clock that morning she saw him sitting on the front of the lorry, by the side of the driver. She shouted to him, “Don’t go without your dinner, Willie,” and he shouted, “All right, mam.” She then went indoors and a few minutes afterwards he was brought in. She thought he was dead then. His head was badly injured and a doctor was telegraphed for.

Reginald Arthur Foyle, under-carter for Mr G M Young, of Wishford, coal merchant, said that nearly every Saturday Willie Shergold used to come to the stables and have a ride with him when he went out with the lorry. On March 25th he helped witness to fill some bags with a ton of coal, and then got on the lorry. When loaded witness drove off to Stoford, on the way to Shrewton. They sat on the bags of coal, witness on the right side and the boy on the left. He seemed perfectly safe and had never fallen off before. Witness heard Mrs Shergold shout to him about his dinner and he told him he had better run back and get it. They were going at a walking pace. Witness turned his head to get his lunch, and heard the boy fall on the shafts. He did not see him and thought he had given a jump. Witness was pulling up, but the horse had a hard mouth. The wheel bumped and witness thought it struck the boy. He jumped off and picked him up and carried him into the house. The wheel had gone over him. Witness had several times cautioned him about jumping down.

Dr A W K Straton, of Wilton, said he arrived at the cottage at about 11am, and saw the body. There were external injuries on the side of the head, and the base of the skull was fractured. The latter injury would have caused death.

A verdict of “Accidental Death” was returned.


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