Shearing, Lucy

Shearing, Lucy                1916 June 2nd                    Morgan’s Vale

Little Girl Drowned in a Well

The South Wilts Coroner (Mr F H Trethowan) held an inquest on Friday in connection with the sad death of a little girl, Lucy Ada Shearing, aged 3½ years, whose body was found in a well of her grandmother, with whom she had just come round to stay for a few weeks.

Dr Whiteley, of Downton, said that on Thursday, May 25th, he was called to the dwelling house of William Bailey, at Morgan’s Vale, and there saw the little girl’s body. There were no marks of violence upon it. Death appeared to have been due to asphyxia, caused by drowning.

Matilda Selina Bailey, wife of William Bailey, said that Lucy Ada Shearing was her grandchild, and the daughter of her daughter Ada Shearing, the wife of a carpenter at Verwood. The child was 3½ years old, and on Thursday, May 25th, she came to stay with witness. She was going to stay a few weeks if she was happy. Witness brought her to the house at about 12.30 and after dinner she went out into the garden. She had only been there before when a baby. She noticed the well and asked what it was. Witness told her and advised her not to touch it. The lid was fitted on properly at that time. She went to talk to her grandfather and witness went round to the front garden. A little later she went to the back again and found that the well cover had been moved and was only partly over the well, and tilted downwards. She called the child but got no answer and on looking into the well saw a bundle of clothes. No one came in answer to her call, but she managed to get the child out of the well. She had seen her about twenty minutes before finding her. Artificial Respiration was tried, so far as they understood it, for half an hour, without success.

A verdict of “Accidentally drowned” was returned.


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