Penfound, Catherine

Penfound, Catherine       1916 July 14th

Fatal Street Accident

An accident which unfortunately had a fatal termination occurred at the corner of High Street and Silver Street at midday on Saturday. Miss Penfound, residing at 23, St Paul’s Road, when crossing the road stepped in front of a motor car, which knocked her down. She was taken to the Infirmary and died on Tuesday midday before gaining consciousness. An inquest was held at the Infirmary on Wednesday evening before the City Coroner, Mr S Buchanan Smith. Mr W F Gullick was chosen foreman of the jury, and Mr A Whitehead appeared to represent the relatives.

Mrs T H Penfound, of Wickham, Newbury, a sister-in-law, gave evidence of identity, and said that Miss Penfound was 43 years of age.

Mr W H Terrill, of 43, High Street, deposed to seeing the accident which occurred two yards from the kerb opposite Mr Snook’s shop. He helped to take the sufferer to the Infirmary in the car, which, at the time of the accident, was travelling at a reasonable pace, and on its proper side. He considered that no blame attached to the driver.

Mr John Slightam, of Ashley Lodge, Fordingbridge, who was in the car, with his son (a soldier now in France), said he saw the lady step off the pavement directly in front of the car, which, he thought, went over her. He did not think the driver was to blame. He heard the horn sounded at the corner.

Walter Henry Davis, the driver, said he did not see the lady till she walked into the car. He was travelling at about eight miles an hour.

Mr M K Dalal, house surgeon at the Infirmary, said that Miss Penfound was brought in suffering from shock and concussion caused by a fracture of the base of the skull. There were other injuries. The cause of death was shock.

The Coroner said that he considered that it was a pure accident, and the jury returned a verdict of “accidental death,” the Foreman remarking that they did not see that the driver was to blame in any way.


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