Patton, Walter

Patton, Walter          1916 September 8th            Fovant

Tragic Discovery at Fovant Camp

The Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) held an inquest at the Military Hospital at Fovant on Saturday concerning the death of Rifleman Walter Patton, of the London Regiment.

Rifleman Haxton, who had known Patton for about 15 years, said he was 32 years of age, and his home was in Perth. He had been depressed, but had not threatened to take his life. He never complained of being in the Army, which he joined on the previous Monday.

Rifleman Frederick Smith said that at 12.15pm on Friday he found Patton on the floor of his hut in a pool of blood. His throat was cut, and there was a razor on the floor by his side. He died before the medical officer arrived.

Captain Jeffres, RAMC, who was called to the spot, said that he had seen Patton on sick parade in the morning, and made a special examination. Beyond some depression of spirits he could find nothing the matter with him, and he made no complaint. He put him off duty for the day, and arranged that he should be kept under observation.

A verdict of suicide whilst of unsound mind was returned.


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