O’Laughlin, Hetty

O’Laughlin, Hetty        1916 June 9th           Amesbury

On Monday morning the infant child of Mr M O’Laughlin, a canteen manager employed at the Camp and living at 72, Countess, was found dead on its bed, having been suffocated during the night.

An inquest was held at Countess Farm house on Monday afternoon, by Mr F H Trethowan. Mr S Parsons was foreman of the jury.

The father said the child’s name was Hetty Winifred O’Laughlin and she was four months old. The mother said the baby slept on a made-up bed by the side of her own. She fed it about 4am, and it was then quite all right. She went to feed it again at about 8am, and found it on its face quite dead. It had evidently rolled off the pillow and was unable to get back.

Dr March said the child had undoubtedly died of suffocation.

The jury returned a verdict that the child died through being accidentally suffocated during its sleep.


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