Long, Thomas

Long, Thomas             1916 April 21st             Tilshead

Fell Over A Fence

The City Coroner (Mr S Buchanan Smith) held an inquest at the Infirmary on Monday evening concerning the death of Thomas Long, a retired grocer, living at Sunnyside,” Tilshead, who was brought into the Infirmary after a painful accident and died there.

Mr E J Case was appointed foreman of the jury.

Eva May Long, daughter of Thomas Long, said her father was 71 years of age. On Wednesday, March 29th, he was getting over a wooden fence near their home when apparently one of the upright rails gave way and he fell on the pointed top. She was not there at the time but when he came in for dinner he casually mentioned the matter. He seemed to make light of it and enjoyed a good dinner. Afterwards he went out and exercised a horse, and then did a little work in the garden. As he was feeling worse he went to bed at about 4 o’clock and the next day Dr Hall, of Shrewton, examined him and he was removed to the Infirmary.

Dr Caesar, house surgeon, described the injuries, which included bruising and hemorrhage, and he said that the patient told him he was getting over a fence and slipped. He died on Saturday, April 15th, from exhaustion following the hemorrhage, which was going on all the time. The injuries could have been caused as described.

Replying to the Foreman, the doctor said an operation was performed last Friday.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.


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