Lawes, Harriett

Lawes, Harriett         1916 April 28th               Coombe Bissett

On Tuesday afternoon Mrs Harriett Lawes of Coombe Bissett, who lost her husband only a week ago, was knocked down by a passing car whilst crossing the road near her home in the village. She was taken to the Salisbury Infirmary in an unconscious condition, and succumbed to her injuries in a few hours, her age being 76 years.

At the inquest held before the City Coroner (Mr S Buchanan Smith) last (Thursday) evening, it appeared that the car was coming from the Rushmore Convalescent Hospital with two soldiers for the Salisbury Infirmary. Mrs Lawes apparently did not see or hear it although the chauffeur (Mr Jasper Compton) sounded its horn, and the driver of a coal waggon (Mr George Easter, of Salisbury) shouted. She hesitated and stepped in front of the car, and the wing of it knocked her down.

Dr Caesar, the house surgeon, found her suffering from a broken shoulder, and broken facial bones and other injuries. He attributed death to coma, brought on by these injuries.

The jury, of which Mr G H Morey was foreman, returned a verdict of “Accidental Death,” and exonerated the driver.


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