Lamb, Francis

Lamb, Francis             1916 September 15th          Milston/Netheravon

Another Flying Accident

Another fatal flying accident has occurred on the Plain in which 2nd Lieut. Francis Charles Lamb, of the Royal Flying Corps, stationed at Netheravon, age 20, lost his life. A military enquiry was followed on Saturday by an inquest held by the Coroner for South Wilts, Mr F H Trethowan.

Evidence of identification was given by the father, Mr J B Lamb, of Finchley, who at the close of the inquest thanked the officers for the kindly way in which they had treated him. He said he knew how anxious young officers were to fly as soon as they were allowed, but he thought it might be advisable that some rule should be laid down under which a man had to fly with a pilot for a certain number of hours before he was allowed to try solo flights.

Harry Crook, a shepherd, said that on Thursday, September 7th, he was in a field at Milston and heard an aeroplane crash down quite close to him, and saw the pilot falling out of the machine head first.

Captain Fleck, of the RAMC, who also witnessed the accident, said he superintended the removal of the body to Bulford Military Hospital. Mr Lamb died on the field, death being due to a fracture of the base of the skull.

Second-Lieutenant Jarvis said he was flying at the same time as Mr Lamb, and quite close to him. He was side-slipping and making very little headway.

A verdict of accidental death was returned.


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