Judd, Cecil

Judd, Cecil              1916 March 17th              Pitton

Drowned in a Tank – Young Farmer’s Death at Pitton

The Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) held an inquest on Monday at Manor Farm, Pitton, concerning the death of Mr Cecil A Judd, a young farmer, whose body was found in a water tank on Saturday. Mr H G Eyres was foreman of the jury.

Ellen Judd, wife of Stephen Judd, of Manor Farm, Pitton, said that she was the step-mother of Cecil Albert Judd, who was 29 years of age, and assisted his father on the farm. She last saw him alive on Saturday morning at about seven o’clock. He was then in his usual spirits, but he had been in inferior health for some time, suffering from pains in his head. At about Christmas time she took him to see Dr Ellis. He was never strange in his manner, but was depressed owing to the headaches. Between three and four years ago he had an accident, and a cartwheel passed over his head. He had another accident subsequently.

Stephen Judd, farmer, said that as his son did not come into breakfast on Saturday morning he went out to look for him at about 7.45. He walked round till he came to the tank, where he found that one of the planks, which was never moved, had been put in a different position. He saw his son’s cap in the tank, and got it out with a prong, then he went for assistance, being unable to do more. His son had complained about his head since his accident.

John James Judd, of Coldharbour Farm, Pitton, said his father fetched him on Saturday morning, and he arrived at the tank at about ten minutes past eight. With the assistance of Reuben Collins, James Jesse England and Reginald Thomas Hawkins he got his brother out of the tank, and found he was dead.

Dr Ellis, of Salisbury, said that the day before Christmas he saw Cecil Judd with his mother. He was apparently suffering from pain in his head and was depressed. His mother said he had no delusions. Witness had seen the body and found no signs of violence on it. Death was due to drowning. He would be dead within four minutes after immersion.

Police Constable Burry stated that when he arrived at about ten o’clock on Saturday, the body was in a cart shed and he had it removed to the house. There was a silver watch and chain on the body, the watch having stopped at 7.35. There were other personal effects, but no letters.

The jury returned a verdict of “Suicide whilst of unsound mind.”


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