Hardy, Cyril

Hardy, Cyril         1916 August 11th                Fovant

Drowned While Bathing

Dr F H Trethowan, Coroner for South Wilts, has held two inquests this week in connection with the deaths of soldiers (see also Norman, Arthur). On Monday he enquired into the circumstances of the death from drowning of Cyril A W Hardy, a lance-corporal in the 1st reserve Batt. London Regt., stationed at Hurdcott Camp.

Captain J P N Casey, RAMC, stationed at the Camp, said that on Sunday he was at Brooke’s Hatches, Hurdcott, and examined Hardy’s body. Death was due to asphyxiation from drowning.

Captain H J Harrison said Hardy was 19 years old, and his home was at Crouch End, London.

Pte E G G Barrett said that on Saturday he and Privates Yellen and Fakey went to bathe at the Hatches. Hardy swan a few yards, and then turned round apparently in difficulties. Witness, who was just getting out of the water, shouted to Yellen and Fakey, who were in, and Yellen dived and brought Hardy up. Then they both went down together. Yellen came up again, holding Hardy’s hand. Fakey joined them, and they all went under, but Fakey and Yellen came up exhausted. He did not see Hardy come up again, and went for help.

Pte William Yellen corroborated, adding that when Hardy went down the second time, he clung to his arms so much that he had difficulty in freeing himself. He then made another attempt but could not find Hardy.

Pte Charles Fakey said he did what he could but he was not a good swimmer. Hardy got hold of his leg and they all went under.

A verdict of “Accidental Death” was returned.


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