Elliott, Alice

Elliott, Alice             1916 February 25th

Woman’s Sudden Death

An inquest was held at the Workhouse yesterday (Thursday) evening by the City Coroner, Mr S Buchanan Smith, in connection with the death of a soldier’s wife named Alice Elliott.

Mr H Curtis was appointed foreman of the jury.

Emily Annie Dennis, wife of Wm Henry Dennis, labourer, 105, Gigant Street, said that Mrs Elliott was her sister and was 36 years old on February 1st. She was the wife of Edgar Elliott, a private in the 3rd Wilts, stationed at Upwey, whom she married on March 6th, 1915. She lived with her father, John Howes, at 105, Gigant Street, until December 23rd, when her husband was at home, and they moved to 18, Spring Place, Endless Street. Her husband went away on December 26th, since when she had been living alone. As far as witness knew, she had never had any serious illness but she had not seen her for three weeks prior to Wednesday when she accompanied her to the Workhouse Infirmary.

PS Cutler stated that at 11 o’clock on Wednesday morning he was called to 18, Spring Place, and saw Mrs Elliott lying on the floor in front of the fire in a downstairs room. She was moaning and unconscious and evidently very ill. He called Dr Armitage, who arrived half an hour later, and suggested that she should be removed to the Workhouse Infirmary. Later in the day he removed her in a motor ambulance, and she was much worse and in a collapsed condition.

Dr Luckham, medical officer at the Workhouse, said that the woman was admitted at 4.30, and he found that she was unconscious and apparently pulseless. She rallied slightly and was able to take a little milk, but died at 10.35 the same night. By order of the Coroner he made a post mortem examination, and found she had an enormously dilated stomach, from which, and other symptoms, he formed the opinion that she died from tetany.

The jury returned a verdict of “Death from natural causes.”


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