Dolman, William

Dolman, William        1916 August 11th          West Knoyle

Old Man’s Plucky Attempt to Stop Runaway Horses

The City Coroner, Mr S Buchanan Smith, held an inquest at the Salisbury Infirmary on Friday evening, concerning the death of an old man named William Dolman, which occurred at West Hill, West Knoyle.

Mr H Case was appointed foreman of the jury.

Henry Thomas Harding, Master of the Mere Workhouse, said that Dolman was at one time an inmate of the Workhouse, but he left on May 3rd stating that he intended going to work at West Knoyle. He was 69 or 70 years of age and had been a general labourer. He was unmarried.

Sidney Toogood, carter, of West Knoyle, said that on Wednesday, July 19th, he and Dolman were mowing. He dismounted from the machine to remove some grass, when the horses ran away. Dolman tried to stop the animals, and in doing so fell down, the mowing machine passing over his legs. Dolman cried out “Oh, dear ; come here,” and asked for a doctor.

Answering the foreman, witness said he had never known the horses to run away before. Unless they were irritated by a fly in the hot weather, he knew of no reason why they should do so.

Edward Dammers, farmer, of West Hill, West Knoyle, said that he found Dolman, who worked for him lying in the field. He told him that he saw the horses move from the other end of the field, and went to render assistance. Being an old man he could not catch the headstall, and seized the trace, and ran as far as he could, but eventually fell down and the mower passed over him.

The House Surgeon at the Infirmary said that Dolman was admitted with a fractured leg, and a large lacerated wound. Death arose from tetanus.

The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death.”


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