Cossons, Gladys

Cossons, Gladys       1916 November 3rd

The City Coroner (Mr S Buchanan Smith) held an inquest at the Council Chamber on Saturday evening in connection with the death of Gladys Vera Cossons, the twelve-months old daughter of a private in the Somerset Light Infantry. The mother, who lives at 7, Mill Cottages, Church Street, Fisherton, stated that until a week before her death the child was in fairly good health, then she had a cold and was much disturbed in her sleep on Friday night, being evidently in pain and having difficulty in breathing, and on Saturday morning could not swallow milk, so she called her neighbour, Mrs Ingram. At about nine o’clock they noticed that the child’s extremities were cold and blue, and witness sent for another neighbour, Mrs Lailey, and the doctor. The child died in Mrs Lailey’s arms about two minutes before the doctor arrived.

Dr Armitage said that on the instructions of the Coroner he made a post-mortem examination and found that the child had an internal trouble, which was quite sufficient to account for death. In other respects it appeared healthy and well-nourished.

The jury returned a verdict of “Death from natural causes.”


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